11 Sep 2017

 A short statement regarding insane.   Hello,

11 Sep 2017

 A short statement regarding insane.


Hello, everybody, I would like to make a short statement regarding insane. (INSN) and Insane Spaces Cryptoplex (INSC).

First Insane Coin.

Most of what you will find here is not new information; Most has been said before, albeit not in the same place nor at the same time.

Insanecoin was not born via an ICO and was not graced with huge start-up funds. Finances have been mostly funded by personal donations and large investments by core team members. Insane has a great community and a great team that run it behind the scenes. The team is not limited to the individuals listed at insanecoin.com; these are core members. Also, many more people play varied roles and do a great job for insane.

One problem that I have seen within crypto is the self-implosion of coins due to lack of interest past the first few months or years if lucky.
Devs come, disappear, lose interest and for whatever reason the coin dies.
Our business model devoids this risk.
Insane coin is a team. Not the idea or baby of one person. No one person has full control, and no one person can run off with the funds or cause any real issues that would effect the future of insane.

Cryptocoderz has been working with insane for some time as one of our team devs. During the last few months, some unexpected personal issues have limited his ability to work within crypto. Due to this cryprocoderz will be taking time away. We wish him all the best and hope everything gets resolved.

In the meantime a long awaited update to the wallet is arriving soon, this addresses the master node payment issues as well as some other small issues and bug fixes.

We are moving on with our plans, one of which I will talk about next. Insane has long term goals, and we could pump this or that and build hype. But that is not a sustainable approach or in the best interests of team members, investors or community members.

Now Insane spaces.

We have been working on insane spaces for some time now, the idea started simple but has grown into a monster of a task. The main reason being for that is our want to include as many funding options as possible. We want to involve a wider community than just crypto lovers. Mainstream funding will offer more access to a wider range of people, and with the crypto element playing a large part it will expose more people to our ever expanding presence in the global marketplace.

An insane Space will introduce business and social communities to crypto via education, entertainment, and exposure. A place that can expose crypto to a whole new marketplace via interaction, education, and awareness.

Insane spaces INSC will be run alongside insane coin INSN, Insane coins (Insane crypto systems Ltd). However insane space will be run in a way that benefits the crypto community as a whole.
Insane spaces will be running as a “Not for profit” company.

What does this mean?
All profits that are made will be reinvested into the project or other similar causes or projects. Once established we will be offering grants for research or development to worthwhile and beneficial projects. We will be creating a charitable fund that can be deployed where needed via member voting.
Members will play a very important role in the future within Insane, and we will be introducing a system of direction to guide insane spaces down the correct path. I feel that one person’s vision is just not big enough a team must drive forward and that team must be governed by consensus rather than blind vision.

To clarify the INSN holder 2 for 1 swap.

On a date yet to be confirmed (we are aiming for early January 2018)
Holders of INSN will receive 1 INSC for each INSN that you hold at the point of the snapshot (Date also TBC)

You will keep your INSN, so say you have 100 INSN right now. And you keep those INSN until the snapshot, and you will then also receive 100 INSC.

So you will have 100 INSN and 100 INSC, effectively a 2 for 1, but you already own 1 so its free coins just for being insanely wonderful and hanging on to your INSN. (And because we love you all)


I hope that clears up a few questions. Please feel free to ask me anything on Twitter via @insanecoin or @notnormalscom. Feel free to message me on slack, Bitcoin talk or Bitcoin garden if you have any questions.


Thanks for reading


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