Master Node Implementation Update
09 May 2017

Master Node Implementation Update

Insane Coin (INSN) Master Node Implementation Update

09 May 2017

Insane Coin (INSN)
Master Node Implementation Update (09/05/17)

Insane Coin (INSN) would like to provide our community with an update on our implementation of master nodes and other updates that we have initiated on version As you may know, there are very few coins in the cryptocurrency world that have master nodes as a feature. In fact, there are only a couple of coins that are actively and functionally maintained by developers. They are able to keep the master nodes stable by constantly updating their code when problems arise… and problems are constantly arising. Insane Coin is no different in having some issues with implementation of the master nodes. The good news is that INSN is now a master node coin. We have 4 master nodes active as of the writing of this community update. How many other coins can say that their blockchain has active master nodes? Just a couple. However, this is no excuse for not having the master nodes out on schedule and fully functional.

Some things to remember

– There are only a few successful master node coins and they also have issues with stability.
We are going to resolve this issue as quickly as we possibly can. Please remember INSN is exclusive technology and own code, not a clone of other coins.

– We are still swapping INSANE coins on Nova Exchange for INSN coins but there are INSN withdrawal issues at this time. Also, you can still move your INSANE coins to Nova Exchange anytime you wish to swap for INSN coins. You will have 3 months to swap your coins.

– INSANE Coin is the coin you are swapping for INSN on a 1 to 1 ratio.

– We will probably have mandatory and non-mandatory wallet updates very soon to fix the issues we are having with master node stability. We are currently on version

We have the best community

We would like to thank our wonderful community on BitcoinTalk, Slack and Telegram for staying strong and staying with us during this master node implementation phase. We know that in crypto there is a tendency to jump on the next hot coin when difficulties set in.
We will have this issue resolved in the very near future and we think the community members that stuck by us will be rewarded handsomely with a rare, fully functional, master node enabled cryptocurrency.


Many thanks for your patience and ongoing support.

Insane team.

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