insane is not just a cryptocurrency, it’s a happening, a happening of minds from across the globe."> insane coin cryptocurrency

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Welcome to insane

Welcome.... insane is insanely happy you're here.

insane is a cryptocurrency,  a form of money.
Cryptocurrency is the future of money in this world of ever increasing technological dependence. Yes there are many cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin being the daddy of them all, the first and most dominant. 

So why insane? 
insane is not just a cryptocurrency, it’s a happening, a happening of minds from across the globe. Minds united by a love for cryptocurrency, especially this one. insane will grow, insane will become more and more until it takes control of the entire universe. OK, maybe not that last bit, but insane is here to stay, it’s here to be a point of social awareness to cryptocurrency for the masses. (and it's definitely going to take over the universe).

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We are actively working on new ways to extra secure blockchain technology and have a major advancement scheduled for release in march called the velocity system. Something new that is theoretically designed to prevent nearly all attacks on the blockchain. Insane is a test bed for this and other planned advancements. But insane in not just about the technology it about the people, the people that don't know what a blockchain is. Knowledge is required, promotion of the possibilities and benefits of this technology and the good it could be the founder of. And that is true transparency and decentralised data, transactions, media and communication that a blockchain can deliver with the reassurance of immutable history and no risk of manipulation. We feel the only way forward is development and awareness, on a big scale.

insane news

  • Velocity system coming soon, put an end to blockchain attacks. 
  • insane would like to welome CryptoCoderz to the insane team as our new lead developer
  • New wallet with built in graphical staking and block explorer is now available here
  • Please vote for insane to be listed on Its free could help your insane grow visit the voting page here 

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We know you want some insane, it would be insane to not want a part of the future of insane.

And just to make it really easy for you we have listed where you can buy some. You can trade for insane with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin or esp2.


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Nova Exchange

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Visit their insane faucet, as well as other coins, say hello and mention insane sent you, you never know who may be there ready to share even more insanity to add to  your wallet.

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Bitcoin Garden

Bitcoin garden is a great place to earn insane, as well as many other coins, earn insane for votes, tweets, follows or like. These great guys and girls also run other giveaways  and competitions. So go visit and say hello, get great info and free insane. Its win win.

Visit Bitcoin Talk

Bitcoin Talk

Bitcoin talk is a wealth of cryptocurency information about all things bitcoin and altcoin. Here you will also find our original announcment thread and also see how insane has involved from its roots as Trumpinsane.            

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