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insane news

The word is spreading, the interest is rising, don't be late. Buy now before everyone goes insane.

insane stake burn

On december the 1st insane will burn.

On December 1st we will be sending 3.7 million Insane coins to the following addresses where they will burn up never to hit the market again.

The burn addresses were created using pyhton Base58 which balances the address so it is acceptable to the network, plus adds a security measure as no key is generated.


Now you can  go insane with our new Blackjack game. pit your skills against the dealer and win insane.  

Insane Blackjack
Bitcoin garden

This is insane

How to get free insane

Our friends at Bitcoingarden.tk are insane about insane and are helping to share the insanity. Just for a like, follow or retweet! Why now go and visit them and get some insane for yourself, it would be insane not too.

Nova Exchange

Nova Exchange

Trade insane in the pairs below

Bitcoin - BTC / insane 
Dogecoin - Doge / insane 
Espers - ESP2 / insane
Litecoin - LTC / insane
Its also been know to rain insane, so stay active in chat for free insane.


Bitcoin Talk

Visit us at Bitcoin talk

Visit our bitcointalk.org thread for discussion, news and info.
If you have a question please feel free to ask us or the community there.

Trade insane on yobit


We are listed on yobit

Get your insane on yobit,
Watch out for yobit claim codes and keep an eye on the freecoins link...you never know it could rain insane at anytime.



UK Cryptocurrency exchange

insane won the social vote on tradesatoshi and now trading has started on the following markets.
Bitcoin - BTC / insan
Litecoin - LTC / insan
Dogecoin - Doge / insan

Poswallet.com your online staking wallet.

Bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses is a crucial step towards integration into society. Running a local copy of a wallet is cumbersome and requires the computer to always be on for Proof-of-Stake coins. POSWallet.com solves this problem by creating a place to store your virtual coins in a secure environment while earning interest at the same time!

Benefits of POSWallet.com

Extra security - manual review and balances matched in cold wallet for protectionStore your coins in an online wallet and benefit from group staking.
Ability to send coins anywhere in the world, instantly
Low transaction fees - you keep the coins you stake. Fees pay for the faucets.

Get a poswallet for your insane.
Insane Dice

Insane dice game

Currently offline

A provably fair dice game to help kill some time and you never know you could be a winner. Maybe get your stake at the faucet. Gain some Insane and have some fun.
Powered by crunck.tech

Insane coin block explorer

Insane block explorer

See the Insane network in action.

A Block Explorer is an online block chain browser which displays the contents of individual Insane blocks, transactions and the transaction histories and balances of addresses

Wallet downloads

Download your wallet 

Wallets can be found here. We will be serving more and more platforms so check back and or keep updated via our social media to know when yours is supported. 

Insane coin roadmap

Road map

View the Insane coin team roadmap

View the Insane coin team roadmap. Insane is in constent motion and things will change. Updates will be added as they happen here, or follow us with social media to stay in the loop.


Insane faucet

Hosted at thecryptochat.net

We like the people at thecryptochat.net, so why not visit them and claim insane every 60 mins .
Get your bit of insanity.
Powered by thecryptochat.net